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Jobtrack Management Services was founded in 1993 with a highly focused vision of acting as an extended recruiting arm of the clients we serve. Jobtrack has steadily grown over the years both in the number of offices and the number of full time Consultants. At this point, Jobtrack has Offices in the UAE  ( Dubai ) and in India ( Mumbai ) employing nearly 15 full time qualified Consultants.


Mission : "Enriching Client Assets Through Human Capital". The words have been carefully selected. The word 'enriching' conveys adding 'value' and bears a  close relationship to 'Assets' and 'Capital'. The mission also stresses that people are assets and not mere numbers. There is always a tendency to protect assets and value them. The word Human Capital adds dignity to our Business- not as Brokers, not as Manpower Suppliers, not as CV Suppliers but as Consultants dealing in a precious commodity - Human Capital. 


Vision : "To be the First Choice Recruitment Consultants"


Commitment : "Sharing responsibility with our clients / Offering immediate and long term solutions / Cost effective assignments and meeting deadlines"




      Recruitment at all levels within UAE, GCC & India


      Advice on compensation and benefits

      Candidate orientation

      Knowledge based evaluation.






Jobtrack believes in having specialized Consultants offering sustained value addition to both Candidates and Clients. We aim to offer a better deal. Our specialist functions include:


      HR, Legal & Training

      Finance & Accounts

      Banking & Financial Services

      Engineering & Technical


      Oil & Gas

      Technical Sales

      Sales & Marketing

      Admin & Secretarial

      Supply Chain

      Information Technology


      UAE Nationals

      GCC & other countries



Consultants Profile


     We pride ourselves on being knowledge based Consultants.

     15 full time consultants out of which 8 are based in the UAE.

     Over 80% of the consultants are MBA’s.

     Deep understanding of various industries and cultural sensitivities





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