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1. How can I get registered with Jobtrack?
  You can Email your CV to the Email ID published in the advertisements in Gulf News or on our Website. Our Specialist Consultant will revert, if you meet the client specifications.

2. Do you have a registration charge?
  No, we do not charge.

3. Do we get a Registration Number? How will you remember us?
  No, we do not have a registration system. We recognize you by Your Name.

4. How is the market?
  The market is always good for the right candidate.

5. What are the chances of my getting a job? How soon?
  It depends on your skill set and current job availability. Once you have filled up our Assessment Form, we will start working on your CV and revert as soon as we have something interesting for you.

6. Will I get a Multinational job?
  It depends on your skill set and interview performance.

7. How soon will you get back to us?
  As soon as you are short-listed by our client.

8. Do you also cater to people on visit visa?
  Yes we do, depending on the current requirements.

9. I’m on a Visit; will you call me when I go back to my home country?
  We will be in touch with you via Email – if you are short-listed by our Client.

10. Will you consider us for any other position?
  Yes, we definitely would.

11. Will my CV be treated with confidentiality?
  We have a strict policy on Confidentiality; but please note that we have to reveal your current company name to the Client in order for your CV to be short-listed for an interview.

12. Is NOC (No Objection Certificate) a must for candidates on Employment Visa?
  Most Clients would need your current Employer’s NOC to be able to employ you.

13. When can I call you back?
  If your CV is short-listed by our Client, you will definitely hear from us.

14. What is the name of the Consultant?
  We have different Consultants handling different Positions / Clients. It is imperative that you send your CV across by Email.


I have already given my CV and met you. Yesterday I saw an advertisement, which is suitable to my profile; can I send my CV again?

  Please don’t send your CV again, as we already have your CV. This will be automatically considered for any position that matches your profile. You could however send us an Email requesting to be considered for the position you have seen advertised.

16. I have met you before, but I have since then changed / updated my CV. Can I send you my updated new CV?
  In this case, you may resend you Updated CV by Email for our records.

17. It’s a month since I have met you, however I have still not found a job; how much longer will it take?
  We are always in search for suitable positions for our candidates; we do have your CV in our active databank & will revert to you as soon as something appropriate comes up.

18. Why shouldn’t we apply every time there is a new position advertised?
  Because we already have your CV in our Databank; you may resend the CV if you have Updated or made important changes.

19. Do I need to send my CV one more time?
  No, if you have sent your CV once it stays with us, and we refer you to our Clients on a suitable basis.

20. At what level do you get assignments?
  We focus on Middle and Senior levels of Management.

21. What sort of companies are you dealing with?
  We have a wide client base including multinationals, large local groups, medium to small organizations etc.

22. Where are you located?
  We have three offices in the UAE please click here for details.

23. What sort of jobs do you handle?
  Please click here for details.

24. Do you deal with clients / candidates in Dubai only?
  Our Client coverage includes UAE & GCC. Our Candidate base also extends to Europe, Africa etc. apart from UAE, GCC and India.

25. Do you also do hiring from India?
  Yes, we have 4 Branches in India : Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bangalore.

26. Why does Jobtrack have multiple Email IDs for jobs advertised under the same banner?
  Because we have dedicated & specialized consultants looking after various positions in the 3 UAE Branch Offices.

27. How long has Jobtrack been around?
  Jobtrack has been around for over 15 years.

28. What is the standing of Jobtrack in the market?
  You are the best judge!

29. Can you tell me the name of the Company where you are sending my CV?
  We are sure you would appreciate that due to confidentiality reasons Jobtrack cannot share the name of the company at this stage; however once you are short listed for the interview we would give you all the details of the company.

30. How long will it take?
  After we short list and forward the CV, it we await the client’s response.

31. What kind of packages are the Clients offering?
  Package indicated by the Client are indicative of the required qualifications and experience. However only after they have had an interview with you, would we have more details on exactly how much they might be considering for you.

32. How secure / stable is the company?
  We do our due diligence on the clients and ensure that both your interests and ours are well protected.

33. What is the job content / responsibilities like?
  We will give you a brief on the same when we call to check your availability for the job.

34. How much time would you give me to plan for the interview?
  At least 24 hours. However, in exceptional cases interviews might have to be organized at short notice.

35. What is the reporting structure? What is the Nationality of the person who is taking the interview?
  If we have the relevant information from the Client we would definitely reveal it to you.

36. What is the company profile?
  Client’s website details.

37. What would be my career path like?
  We will give you a brief idea of the organizational structure and your potential placement including the number of people reporting to you, organizational plans and promotional prospects, if any, when you are short listed.

38. Can you give a few inputs on the interview / style, etc?
  Please refer to the Interview Norms Page on our Website. We also recommend you research the net on the various styles of Interviews that potential employers adopt.

39. Incase this job that you are trying for me does not come through, will you try for more jobs for me?
  Your CV will continue to be in our active databank & we will definitely try for other assignments which are suitable to your profile.

40. Is the CV professional looking? Do I need to change it?
  We do not do Professional CV Writing or Analysis. We recommend you use relevant local available agencies.

41. Will you let us know incase we need to change the CV?
  Yes, we certainly will.


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